Message from Cape Kaliakra: “Welcome to Lighthouse!”

On behalf of Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort and my team I would like to extend a warm
welcome to all Easton Golfs´ Tour Guides, who are visiting us next week.

We all are very much looking forward to their visit and we hope we can ensure them a
great stay in Bulgaria. We hope we will be able to give them a taste of
the Bulgarian hospitality and of course explore the beauty of Cape Kaliakra
Signature Golf Coast.

See you tomorrow!

Alexandra Tchoukleva

Sales Director

Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort, Cape Kaliakra, Bulgaria

2 svar på ”Message from Cape Kaliakra: “Welcome to Lighthouse!””

  1. Här är verkligen faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastiskt, vi lär oss massor, umgås med våra trevliga kollegor, äter supergod mat, badar i poolen, och och och……………………/Anita Prahl

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